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School of Dentistry

Our curriculum provides students with opportunities to learn the fundamental principles significant to the entire body of dental knowledge. Students are expected to learn basic health sciences, get proficiency in clinical skills, and develop an understanding of professional and ethical principles as well as reasoning and learning critical decision-making skills that will enable them to implement the dental knowledge base.

The priority of IMU School of Dentistry is to ensure a high level of education by providing the students with the most up-to-date information and technological development. We, therefore, intend to provide research opportunities for students and staff and, thus, to contribute to academic development at an international level.

The duration of education in School of Dentistry is five years, preceded by one year of English language teaching for those who fail in a proficiency exam. During subsequent dental education, minimally 30% of the courses are instructed in English.

The first year courses comprises lectures and laboratory, and preclinical activities in basic sciences, dental anatomy, occlusion, and dental materials. In the second year, students are expected to develop additional preclinical skills, learn how basic science principles are applied to the clinical settings, and get involved in clinical applications. Students who complete the first two years are awarded a basic medical sciences diploma. In the third, fourth, and fifth years, students practice main clinical treatments with concomitant lectures that refine technical and diagnostic skills. Students are required to take a minimum of two electives that are chosen from courses offered by all departments, including courses of independent study, research, and special topics.

Recently inaugurated within the Golden Horn Campus, IMU Dental Hospital is one of the largest ones in the area, and it offers impeccable service to its patients.

School of Law

The School of Law aims to raise professionals who have been equipped with a solid understanding of law and legitimacy, and who can contribute to society as lawyers, attorneys, prosecutors, and judges.

The duration of education is four years, and the language of education is 30% English and 70% Turkish. Enthusiastic students are also offered integrated intensive English language training courses.

IMU Law students are also encouraged to attend certificate programs abroad during their university studies. With its expert lecturers and a rapidly developing library, IMU School of Law will become a prominent faculty in which national and international students will obtain a qualified law education.

Synchronizing the teaching of the normative fields of jurisprudence together with teaching of its philosophical and scientific aspects will contribute not only to deepening the student’s knowledge and facilitating their shift into the ground, but it will also equip them with critical thinking skills.

International School of Medicine

Student-centered educational system is our main strategy in International School of Medicine.

Dear Students,

Thank you for your interest in the International Medical School at Istanbul Medipol University. We are confident that we offer you an outstanding medical education which is proven by the overwhelming interest by your peers in previous years.

Our mission has been to educate problem solver, innovative, pioneer and scientist physicians who are aware of the societal and contemporary health problems. We prioritize a student-centered and integrated education model by which we hope to enable students to discover, acquire, process and present information dictated by both the needs of the patients and their personal aspirations.

The language of our entire program is in English. In the preparatory class, the students reach English language proficiency required for professional, academic and societal issues. Afterwards, they start the medical education program, which provides horizontal integration among basic sciences as well as vertical integration between basic sciences and clinical sciences in the preclinical period. During the clinical period, students are provided with field experience and medical exposure through one-on-one training with faculty members in outpatient and inpatient clinics, operating rooms, emergency and intensive care units.

Simultaneously, the students start a theoretically and practically structured research corridor in their first year. The research project may be related to basic or clinic sciences and is conducted in our top-of-the-line research centers and hospitals. At the end of their third year, the students present and publish their research results as a scientific report.

Istanbul Medipol University International Faculty of Medicine, with its distinguished academic staff and comprehensive infrastructure, continues on its way to train physician-scientists who will shape the medical science of the future.

We wish our students as young colleagues a lifetime of success.

Prof.  Ayhan TAŞTEKİN
International School of Medicine

The business world met with our students


Senior executives of the business world and our students came together at the “Mectalks EXPO” event organized by Istanbul Medipol University Management and Economics Club (MEC).

The business world met with our students

The “Mectalks EXPO” event organized by Istanbul Medipol University Management and Economics Club (MEC) ended. At the event held at the South Campus Conference Hall, TAV Airports Chief Human Resources Officer Hakan Öker, Pegasus Airlines Head of Legal Counseling and Director of Sustainability Ali Uzun, Ülker Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Bal, Renault Mais Chief Executive Officer Dr. Berk Çağdaş, Koç Holding Chief Legal and Compliance Officer Kenan Yılmaz and American Life Chief Servant Ufuk Vurdum shared their experiences with the participants.

In the program that attracted great interest from students, Renault Mais CEO Dr. Berk Çağdaş touched upon the issue of self-awareness. Çağdaş said: “Both being aware of yourself and believing in yourself are essential. Not having regrets is the most important awareness practice I would recommend. Don’t dwell on regrets. Embracing this philosophy makes it easier to move forward in life.”

Ülker Chairman of the Board Ahmet Bal listed the important factors of career life in items. Emphasizing that the priority in career life is mental, physical, and emotional health, Bal said: “You can think of these three items I mentioned as a one placed before a zero. Support your physical health by choosing sports suitable to you. Also, clear, simple, and healthy communication is important in every aspect of life. Improve your communication skills both in business and in private life. Thirdly, know yourself well and set goals by measuring your skills. Focus on your goals with a persistent and follower attitude.”

Green transformation-focused entrepreneurship was discussed at TTO


Medipol META Talks “Green Transformation-Focused Entrepreneurship” conversation took place at Istanbul Medipol University Technology Transfer Office.

Green transformation-focused entrepreneurship was discussed at TTO

A “Green Transformation-Focused Entrepreneurship” conversation was held for Medipol META Talks meetings organized by Istanbul Medipol University Technology Transfer Office. As speakers, the Director of Istanbul Medipol University Sustainable Development Application and Research Center (SURKAM) Prof. Rana Atabay Kuşcu, the Founder of MikroalgeX Giuliano Regonesi, and the Deputy Dean of the School of Pharmacy Dr. Ayşe Esra Karadağ participated in the meetings held at the North Campus. Prof. Kuşçu was the first to speak in the conversation and said that the biggest cause of climate change is humans. Kuşçu stated that carbon consumption, hunger, and migration are among the causes of climate change. Emphasizing the 17-item ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, Kuşçu underlined that the green transformation in the industry supports the economy by contributing to both the strategic goals of companies and employment. The Founder of MikroalgeX Giuliano Regonesi stated that their aim as a company is to ensure that the places where people live are clean, healthy, and livable. Noting that microalgae technology is used for cleaning the air, Regonesi added that the device they developed absorbs carbon dioxide, releases oxygen, and destroys bacteria, viruses, and chemicals in the environment. Dr. Ayşe Esra Karadağ also emphasized that microalgae can be used in raw materials, such as food, medicine, vitamins, and proteins, and that microalgae waste contributes to the circular economy.

The 3rd National Student Congress of Speech and Language Therapy ended


The 3rd National Student Congress of Speech and Language Therapy, held under the leadership of the School of Health Sciences Department of Speech and Language Therapy, ended.

The 3rd National Student Congress of Speech and Language Therapy ended

The 3rd National Student Congress of Speech and Language Therapy was organized in cooperation of Istanbul Medipol University School of Health Sciences Department of Speech and Language Therapy and the Association of Speech and Language Therapists. At the congress, which included many participants from various cities of Türkiye, suggestions regarding the current conditions and practices about language and speech therapy were presented. The prominent names in the field, including Prof. Ahmet Konrot, Prof. Elçin Tadıhan Özkan, Assoc. Prof. Fatma Esen Aydınlı, and Assoc. Prof. M. Emrah Cangi attended the congress, where sessions on career, stuttering, voice disorders, swallowing disorders, and motor speech disorders were held. The opening speeches of the congress were delivered by Head of the Department of Speech and Language Therapy Assoc. Prof. Sertan Özdemir and the President of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists Prof. İlknur Maviş. Prof. Özdemir stated that the congress was held in a short time following the rapid preparation process and thanked the participants and those who contributed to the organization of the congress. Speaking at the congress held at the South Campus Conference Hall, the President of the Association of Speech and Language Therapists Prof. İlknur Maviş shared that it was a pleasure to be able to hold the third congress, which they took a break for four years due to the pandemic.

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