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It’s an information management system where you can see your grades, courses, and syllabus. Moreover, you can demand any certificate as well. Determined as online application for student certificate, it will be enough to download and print the document with electronically signed. They can log in with their school number and password. As a fresh student, the International Office will give a school number and password to you.

You can choose courses, examine the courses you have taken, access the information about the exams, check your grades, request documents such as student certificate, transcript and course contents, make payment, review the past payments and download the receipts, check your course program, participate in surveys at the end of the semester.

Click “I forgot my password” section on the MEBIS home page and reset your password. In order to do reset your password, your e-mail address and mobile number must be registered to the MEBIS. If there is a lack of this information, you need to visit the Student Affairs Office.

You can request a new student ID the card by clicking the Document Request section in the MEBIS system.

You need to visit the Student Affairs Office.

If the status of the student id card is ready on the Document Request section, you can take your card from the Information Technologies Department on your campus.

Before you log in to the Mebis system, you must first send a message (that contains the students phone number, e-mail adress, first and last name) to this number (+905498288610). If you do not do so, your MEBIS account will not be active.