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Course & Diploma Procedures

If a student thinks that s/he has added missing or too many courses could withdraw from these courses by approval of the head of the department and his/her advisor. Be careful of applying in writing within the periods determined by the academic calendar.


Students who did not renew their course registrations within the period announced in the academic calendar; They could not attend that semester, could not benefit from student rights. This period is included in the education period. Passive student refers to a student who did not renew their registration. This period is included in the maximum education period. Those who did not renew their registration cannot benefit from student rights.


After paying the tuition fee, associate and undergraduate students can take courses in the add-drop period.


After graduate students select their courses and get the approval of their supervisors, they can make the payment.


Students are responsible for all registration renewal procedures.

Diploma Procedures

Students who successfully complete all the classes, practical classes and internships of the program they are enrolled in according to the provisions of the regulations, are entitled to receive a diploma. Except for the preparatory class, students must have received ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) at least thirty times the number of semesters in the curriculum or equal to sixty times the number of years.


Graduates whose diplomas have not yet been issued are given a Graduation Certificate, which includes their graduation and diploma information, in case of a written request is delivered. Graduation Certificates are signed by the dean in the schools and by the executive in the institutes and in the vocational schools. This document is given only once.


Students who request a Graduation Certificate should write a letter of withdrawal, should make the relevant units to approve the withdrawal document, make a Graduation Certificate request on MEBIS, and should check if the Graduation Certificate is ready or not.


Students whose Graduation Certificates are ready can take the certificate from the relevant dean’s office/directorship/institute by delivering the Letter of Withdrawal and Withdrawal Form. The diploma supplement and the original high school diploma are delivered along with the diploma.


Graduation Certificate, Diploma and Diploma Supplement are delivered only to the students themselves or their proxies who submit their notarized warrant of attorney. If the students are not in Turkey, the warrant of attorney should be issued by the Consulate of the Turkish Republic.


The diploma is not sent by mail, requests made by telephone or fax or electronic mail are ignored and not processed.


Note: It is not necessary to return the Graduation Certificates when receiving the diploma.


Not: Diploma alacak öğrencilerin kimliklerini yanlarında bulundurmaları gerekmektedir.