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The Historical Peninsula, where Halic Campus is located, can be called the region of universities because it is home to many public and private universities. For this reason, there are many private girls and boys dormitories around the campus.

The dorms located in the Kavacık Campus are equipped with technological infrastructure and comfortable living spaces in order to meet the accommodation needs in the best way.

Istanbul Medipol University dormitories were designed with a capacity of 2400 students for the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Boys Dormitory is located in the North Campus while the Girls Dormitory is located in the South C

Facilities of the Girls Dormitory;

Room Types: There are triple and quad rooms.

The quad rooms have bunk beds and the triple rooms have bedsteads.

There are desks, book shelves and lockers for each student as well as encrypted wardrobes in the rooms.

The rooms have a shower, WC and a mini fridge.

Wi-Fi service is provided.

The dormitory has its own refectory, mini kitchen, fitness center and cafeteria.

There are rooms located on the ground floor to study courses.

Facilities of the Boys Dormitory;

Room Types: There are single and triple rooms. There are desks, book shelves and lockers for each student as well as encrypted wardrobes in the rooms. The rooms have a shower, WC and a mini fridge. The dormitory has its own fitness center.



In the dormitories, our students are provided with 3 meals.  We provide buffet breakfast, a la carte lunch & dinner. Students need to pay for the meals since the dormitory fee does not cover the meal fees. Pricing is calculated on the created menu.


The cleaning service in our dormitories belongs to the professional company. Rooms, bathrooms, WCs and corridors are cleaned daily by an expert team. Beddings are given to each student and replaced by the cleaning staff in a fortnight. We have laundry and ironing services. The laundry fee belongs to the student.


Professional security team provides 24-hour service in our dormitories, and CCTV is in operation 7/24 on every point of the dormitories.

Turnstile system is used at the gates of the dormitory. The last check-in time in our dormitories is 11.30 pm. Student attendance is taken by the night employee.

There is a night employee in the girls and boys dormitories.

If you want to spend the night out of the dorm you must fill up a form which includes the address you are going to stay.


Boys Dormitory

Single room annual fee:

Triple room annual fee:

Girls Dormitory

Triple room annual fee:

Quad room annual fee:

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Girls Dormitory
Contact Information:

+90 216 681 1988 / +90 216 681 1993

Girls Dormitory Security: +90 216 681 1999Girls 

Dormitory Address: Göztepe Mahallesi Atatürk Caddesi 

No: 40 34815 Kavacık Güney Kampüsü Beykoz / Istanbul

Boys Dormitory Information

+90 216 681 5313 /+90 216 681 5142

Boys Dormitory Security: +90 216 681 5126

Boys Dormitory Address: Kavacık Mahallesi Ekinciler Caddesi 

No: 19 34810 Kavacık Kuzey Kampüsü Beykoz / Istanbul

General Contact Information

Dormitory Accounting: +90 216 681 5312

Dormitories E-Mail Address: [email protected]