You can apply for the TUBITAK 1512 Individual Young Entrepreneur Program, which provides grant support of 200.000 TRY to ensure that technology and innovative business ideas supported by TUBITAK.

How does the process work?

Medipol University Entrepreneurship Center will subject business ideas collected via the application form on the web to a two-stage screening system. They will evaluate the business ideas considering their technological level and innovative aspect, applicability, commercial value, competitive level, and the qualification of the team and their suitability with the business idea.

Business ideas that pass the evaluation process will be included in the training and mentoring program of the Medipol University Entrepreneurship Center. The entrepreneurs, whose business plan prepared at the end of the first phase is approved by the BIGG Implementing Agency, will make the program’s second phase application to TUBITAK. Business plans will be evaluated in the second phase panels to be conducted by TUBITAK. Entrepreneurs eligible to receive second stage support will be asked to establish a company to benefit from the Techno-Enterprise Support.

The thematic sub-areas were updated this year, and the subjects that can be applied for are as follows:

– Intelligent Transportation

– Energy and Clean Technologies

– Intelligent Production Systems (Digital Transformation in Industry)

– Communication and Digital Transformations

– Health and Wellness

– Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition

Application Requirements:

As of the pre-application date of the program

– Those who will graduate from any undergraduate program within one year,

– Those who are graduate students,

– Those who got their undergraduate or graduate degrees at most ten years ago,

– Those who have not received support from the Ministry of Industry and Technology Techno-Enterprise Support or within the scope of the second phase of the TUBITAK 1512 Program,

– Those who are not partners of any business as of the pre-application date,

can apply for the program.

Application Deadline:

March 30, 2021

5 PM

Contact Information:

Phone: +90 216 681 5100

Address: Technology Transfer Office, Istanbul Medipol University Kavacık North Campus, Ekinciler Caddesi, No: 19 Beykoz / ISTANBUL

E-mail: [email protected]