Virtual Forum Real Science!

5th Future Science Forum will be held online for the first time since its establishment on 31 October -1 November. Under the main theme, ‘Education is not enough, reflect is a must!’ panels, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions covering 25 themes have been organized for attendees this year. The Future Science Forum is the largest transdisciplinary organization where future concepts are created by increasing the interactions between different disciplines such as Life Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Social Sciences, and Art Sciences are on one platform. The forum is committed to a lot for those who wish to shape the future with science.

Global Future Science

  1. In the Global Future session, we will discuss the social issues related to the entire world.
  2. In the Missing Heritage which will be held as a special session, we will discuss the contributions of Muslim scientists.
  3. In the Promising Future Theme, we will discuss technologies shaping the future and concepts.

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