Turkish Proficiency Exam Announcement

Turkish Proficiency Exam Announcement
To the Attention of Students Registered to Departments whose Language of Instruction is Turkish!!!
Students registered in the departments whose language of instructions are 100% Turkish or 70% Turkish must take the Turkish Exemption-Proficiency Exam.

Who is exempt from the Turkish exam?

Important: Students who have the B2-C1 level TÖMER-Turkish Proficiency Certificate do not need the take the Turkish Proficiency Exam.(TÖMER/Turkish Proficiency Certificate of a university in Turkey is accepted by our university.) It is sufficient for them to submit their B2-C1 level certificates to the International Office unit together with the final registration documents.

Students who have the B2-C1 level TÖMER certificate must submit their certificates to the International Office unit and inform the [email protected] address about the thata they have the certificate.

When will I take the exam?

  • The exam entrance dates of the students are listed in the table below. The exam will be carried out with 12 different groups.
    • Students can only take the Turkish Proficiency Exam on the exam date of the group whose names are included.
    • Students have the right to take the exemption exam only once.


When is the exam and where will it be held?

The exam starts at 9:30. Students must be ready 15 minutes before the exam. The Turkish Proficiency Exam will be held at Istanbul Medipol University,  Kavacık North Campus, Block C, 1st Floor.


How will be the exam?

  • Turkish Proficiency Exam (TYS); will be carried out in the context of four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • Students must come to the exam with their ID cards or passports. It is requested that they bring a pencil and erasers with them.
  • The list of students who have the right to take the Turkish Proficiency Exam (TYS), held by the Turkish Preparatory Coordinatorship and the exam dates are given in the tables below.
  • Students must find their names in the list and check the exam date.


How long is the exam?

Listening Exam: 50 minutes

Reading-Writing Exam: 1 hour 50 minutes

Speaking Exam: 8-15 minutes


When will the results be announced?

The exam results will be announced on September 27th, 2021.

Students who are deemed successful at the  B2-C1 level in the exam will be able to start their departments directly from the 1st year without registering for the Turkish Preparatory Program.

The results will be announced with the “Exam Result Code” in the table containing the students’ names. Therefore, each student must take into account the “Exam Result Code” section in the table.


How are the exam grades?

70 and above = C1

60-69= B2

50-59= B1

40-49= A2


The listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are evaluated out of 25 points in the exam. The student must get at least 12 points for each skill. Otherwise, their level drops to one lower level of the corresponding level.

See you at the exam…

The students who are in the list below and have turkish residence permit must attend the exam (The list is updated please consider this updated list below)