Turkish Higher Education Quality Council Membership for Students

“Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (THEQC) was established to structure and strengthen quality assurance systems in Turkish higher education and is in charge of the institutional external evaluation processes of higher education institutions, authorization of national program accreditation agencies, recognition of international accreditation agencies, and dissemination and internalization of the quality assurance culture. The Council is a public legal personality.


The Council consists of 13 members and one of the members is a higher education student. Due to the expiration of the current student member’s term of office, a new student member will be elected to the Council in accordance with the Article No. 5 of the Regulation on Higher Education Quality Assurance and the Higher Education Quality Council.


For more information, please visit https://yokak.gov.tr/yuksekogretim-kalite-kurulu-ogrenci-uyesi-basvuru-cagrisi-175.


Application Deadline:

January 20, 2021, Wednesday 5 PM