The School of Communication received an award from TRT for ‘Değerli Türkçe’

The School of Communication received an award from TRT for ‘Değerli Türkçe’

The School of Communication received an award from TRT for ‘Değerli Türkçe’

The School of Communication received an award from TRT for ‘Değerli Türkçe.’


In the 7th of ‘Communicators of the Future’ competition organized by TRT this year, School of Communication student Hasan Demiralp was awarded second place.


The winners of the “Communicators of the Future TRT” competition, which is being organized by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) since 2015 to contribute to the university students’ works and encourage them regarding their educational activities, have been announced. The awards found their owners in 14 sub-categories and 5 main categories where over 1.300 pieces from 121 universities competed. Hasan Demiralp, a student of Istanbul Medipol University School of Communication, received the second prize in the Fine Turkish Category with his project titled ‘Değerli Türkçe (Precious Turkish)’, repeating the previous success of our faculty. The School of Communication had been awarded with projects‘Çözüm İstanbul’ in 2019 and ‘Medrese’ in 2020.



While expressing his satisfaction with the award, the Dean of the School of Communication, Prof. Dr Ali Büyükaslan, said that TRT has recently brought a cooperation model covering all factors of communication education to life. Stating that the competition held by TRT was a tremendous experience for the School of Communication students, Büyükaslan noted that it is not a coincidence that they have received awards for the last three years. Emphasizing that the universities have gained experiences as stakeholders from the competitions organized by TRT, Büyükaslan said: “TRT Communicators of the Future” Competition means more than a competition to the students of School of Communication. We will continue to encourage all of our students to experience all the opportunities TRT offers, whether the award is won or not. We provide all opportunities for our students, and we prepare them for the future in line with their goals. It is a source of pride for us that TRT awards our efforts.”



‘Değerli Türkçe’ project, created by New Media and Communication Department student Hasan Demiralp, raises awareness by aiming to contribute to the correct and effective use of Turkish. Stating that there are some problems concerning mass media and the rules of Turkish language grammar in daily life, Demiralp said: “Foreign words that transferred to Turkish from other languages are used disturbingly, and it causes our language to deteriorate. The rapid introduction of technology into our lives on its terms also brings carelessness in the use of our language. I tried to examine our language with this project and annunciate the importance of correct language use to everyone. I would also like to thank our faculty, who have inspired and supported me from the beginning of the process and TRT for giving the young people an opportunity.