“Sectoral Internship Program, which is implemented in the last semester, put students one step ahead while entering the world of business.” - Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin, Dean of the School of Business and Management Sciences

Dean of the School of Business and Management Sciences Prof. Dr. Kerem Alkin was a guest of a TV program, which is a guide for the students who will start their freshman year at the university, broadcasted on a local channel. Answering the questions of Hande Aydemir, Alkin told that the accreditation of School of Business and Management with the German Accreditation Agency FIBAA (The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) will last until 2023. Stating that they registered officially that the curriculum and course content are in international standards, Alkin said: ``Turkey's working population will reach 47 million in 2050, 62 million in 2060. While the working population will reach these rates, we have programs that will train future experts of the sectors that will stand out in the world. As Istanbul Medipol University, we keep up with all these developments and take our steps accordingly. ``


Noting that School of Business and Management Sciences continues its education at the Kavacık South Campus, Alkin said: “We are only 10 minutes away from the Istanbul Financial Center Project, which will turn Istanbul into both global and regional financial center. Also, we are very close to participation banks which are crucial for Turkey's economy. The centers of the world's leading companies in Kavacik, are near our campus. Therefore, studying in Kavacik, where different sectors are located, provides a great advantage for students. We aim to contribute to the development of students' personal business networks. Thus, the executives of these companies to our classes throughout the year.


The School of Business and Management Sciences offers students an opportunity beyond internship with the 'Sectoral Internship Program' in the eighth semester, Alkin said. The program takes 3.5-4 months. Thanks to the program, put students one step ahead while entering the world of business. Alkin added: 'We have prepared software for this program. This software is used by students, the person responsible for the relevant company, a consultant academician, and the dean of the school. Therefore, we constantly monitor whether our students get efficiency from the program. The program also allows the company to get to know our students. Thanks to our solid education and our 'Sectoral Application Program', students receive job offers from the companies they do an internship with. During this period, students attend seminars on writing and reporting efficient projects at the university. They also combine theory and practice by writing a graduation project at the end of the term. This model we are applying makes us different from other universities.'