Mediterranean Studies Application and Research Centre

Mediterranean Studies Application and Research Centre aims to develop a platform of discussion, understanding and cooperation on social, cultural, religious, political, ethnic, and other human problems that prevail in the entire Islamic geography including the Balkans and the Caucasus, especially in the Mediterranean basin, and hinder the civilized presence.

Health Systems and Policies Practice and Research Centre

Our university was founded to carry out studies that would contribute to health-related issues, produce evidence-based policies and guide health administrators and policymakers by utilizing the knowledge of experts from different disciplines under its umbrella. The intention is to become a reference center that produces and steers innovative policies at local, national, and international levels for health systems and policies.

Biotechnology and Bioengineering Practice and Research Centre (BIOMER)

The center aims to be an internationally competitive research institute that will bring researchers in medicine and engineering together in joint projects in the same environment. The center provides a desirable employment area for qualified scientists and assistant staff members through its available research and infrastructure facilities also aims to help the development of associate degree and undergraduate students and contribute them to our country and the science world as new researchers. With substantial national and international ties, BIOMER will become the hub of studies between universities, disciplines, and nations in line with these goals.

Climate Change Studies Practice and Research Centre

The key objective of this center is to research the adverse impacts of climate-induced changes on our country and take mitigation measures against such adverse impacts. Additionally, the objectives of the center include the conduct of scientific studies on how to adapt to climate change.

Dream, Sleep and Hypnosis Studies Practice and Research Centre (RUHMER)

The center deals with sleep and dreams by a multidisciplinary approach using various instruments, such as EEG, PSG, tDCS, TMS and Neuropsychological Assessment, together with a team of graduate and doctoral researchers along with experienced psychiatrists and neurologists.

IT Law Research Centre

Istanbul Medipol University Information Technology (IT) Law Research Center, which is designed to play an active role in determining the policies to be followed in relation to Turkey and introducing the critical applicable legal regulations, aims to remediate the inadequacy of skilled legal professionals in this field through undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs and bring up the related national primary concerns and policies to the agenda of the country and inform the public of significant issues in this field. The center organizes regular workshops in IT law and closely follows the agenda of IT with panels and conferences where academicians and skilled practitioners are invited to evaluate current developments.

International Law and Foreign Policy Research Centre

Istanbul Medipol University International Law and Foreign Policy Research Centre aim to provide the public with insight into significant problems in international law and foreign policy by analyzing actual and potential problems in these fields and taking an active role in efforts to solve these problems.

Biolaw Research Centre

The Biolaw Research Centre, which aims to study usual and unusual formations and structures such as gender identity discussions, organ transplantation, wet nursing, cloning, and superior race (eugenics), was established to ensure the development of law along with biological sciences.

Pharmaceutical and Health Law Application and Research Centre

The center carries out studies to discuss the legal problems encountered in medicine and propose solutions, to conduct the research projects required by national and international public and private institutions-organizations, to provide training and consultancy services, and to contribute and support undergraduate and graduate education.

Istanbul Medipol University Distance Education Practice and Research Centre (MUZEM)

MUZEM aims to carry out research and development, practical studies, and publications related to distance education at the university, open e-learning based courses and programs at all levels, support the courses offered at the university through e-learning, and organize diploma and certificate programs for all segments of the society wherever needed.

Continuing Education Practice and Research Centre (SEM)

At Istanbul Medipol University Continuing Education Centre, educational programs are developed by our university’s academic staff members and educationists.  The objective of this center is to offer educational programs other than those included in our university’s undergraduate and graduate programs to the benefit of public and private sectors and provide advising and educational services wherever needed by these sectors.

Oral and Dental Health Education Practice and Research Centre

Istanbul Medipol University Oral and Dental Health Education Application and Research Centre started its activities in February 2016 with the approval of the Higher Education Council following the article 7 / d-2 amended by the law numbered 2547.

Education and health services are provided at Unkapanı Hospital and Esenler Clinics within the Oral and Dental Health Education Application and Research Centre. We contribute to education and research infrastructure in the Dental Hospital of Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex, with which our university signed a cooperation protocol.

Campus:  Health Education Practice and Research Centre Esenler Hospital

Phone: +90 212 4401000

Address: Birlik Mah. Bahçeler Cd. No:5 Esenler/İstanbul

Campus: Medipol University Kavacık (Main Campus)

Phone: +90 444 85 44

Address: Unkapanı, Atatürk Bulvarı No:27 34083 Fatih/İstanbul

Traditional and Integrative Medicine Practice and Research Centre

Istanbul Medipol University Traditional and Integrative Medicine Practice and Research Centre was established in 2013 by the decision of the Council of Higher Education of Turkey.

It was aimed to research traditional and integrative medicine practices with scientific methods, to teach medical doctors with evidence-based information during the license period, and to be empowered by training practically after graduation.

The center holds its activities under the Directorship of the university. Our training programs, organized in cooperation with the Continuing Education Centre (SEM), are prepared by the academic staff and education experts of our university.

Those who attend the training programs get “CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT” or “CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION ” by Istanbul Medipol University.

Health Sciences and Technology Research Institute

Medipol SABITA includes laboratories equipped with the most advanced technology such as Advanced Microscopy Laboratories, Cell Culture Laboratories, Molecular Biology Laboratories, Brain Research Laboratories, Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratories, Metabolism and Nutrition Laboratories, Electrophysiology Behaviour Laboratories, Pharmacognosy, and Synthetic Chemistry Laboratories and System Biology Laboratories.

Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Centre

With the increasing interest in the Turkish language and Turkish culture, teaching Turkish to non-Turkish has become an essential and constantly developing science. The center aims to teach Turkish to international students who come from abroad to study in higher education institutions, to ensure training of lecturers who go abroad from Turkey to teach Turkish, to organize courses in foreign languages that are required, to make the necessary documentation and material work, to carry out collaborative projects with national and international institutions and to enable to share the knowledge formed in national and international fields with various activities and to pave the way for scientific research based on original research and examination that focus on the problems faced with teaching Turkish.