Prof. Dr. Ozturk: COVID-19 cases should drop before the flu season

Prof. Dr. Recep Ozturk said coronavirus cases should drop significantly before the flu season and both are the deadly and same disease

Professor Dr. Ozturk, associate of Istanbul Medipol University School of Medicine and member of the Scientific Committee for COVID-19, noted that flu could lead to serious problems for elderly people, and the combination of two deadly diseases would affect the healthcare system negatively. “We must drop the number of COVID-19 cases significantly until that time so that our healthcare system could provide our patients with quality service without agglomeration. Since asthma and respiratory disease cases begin to flare-up in late November, there is an extreme increase in the admission to the hospitals in December, January, February, March and, April by the patients who suffer from these diseases.” he said.


Prof. Dr. Ozturk pointed out that the higher number of viruses transmitted in COVID-19, the more severe the disease gets. He added “If we do not take measures, we will increase this risk. Previously, many people took the virus seriously. But when the number of cases has decreased in the world, and the governments started to ease the lockdown, people began not to keep social distancing and not to maintain personal protection thinking the virus is gone. This, unfortunately, increased the number of cases. If we had continued what we were doing to protect ourselves from the virus while transiting to the new normal, the number of cases would probably be much lower today. The projections indicated that the number of cases would go below 500. There is a false expectation in the community that the virus will mutate and disappear. The mutations may lead to a stronger virus that may cause more serious illnesses.”

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