Professional practice classes (pre-clinical classes) of the terms I, II and III will be held face-toface in small groups considering the required schedule and following the social distancing and hygiene rules in the fall term of the 2020-2021 academic year.
Before attending the practical classes, students will watch demo videos online. After that, they will attend the pre-clinical practice classes.
Students will attend the pre-clinical practice classes according to their schedule to be announced by their departments.
Laboratory doors will remain open during the classes. All students will leave at the end of the class, and the laboratory will be disinfected and ventilated before the next group. Students will leave the building as soon as their class dismissed.
Theoretical classes of the School of Dentistry (all terms I-V) will be broadcasted online, and the recording of these classes will be accessible afterwards.
These rules will be valid until new implementations are made.