Istanbul Medipol University has established the ‘Ombudsman for Anti-Discrimination and Equality.’

Istanbul Medipol University has established the ‘Ombudsman for Anti-Discrimination and Equality.’

Istanbul Medipol University has established the ‘Ombudsman for the Anti-Discrimination and Equality. The office, which is a first among the universities in Turkey, aims to prevent all kinds of discriminatory behaviours and attitudes based on language, race, colour, gender, ethnicity, political thought, religion, sect and similar reasons by encouraging the adoption of equal and responsible behaviour principles. The office, which will continue to work in this context, will contribute to the development of professional relations based on equal treatment between the relevant administrative and academic units of the university and the staff and students of these units. The office also aims to contribute to the goals of Turkey, which aims to increase the number of international students to 350 thousand in the near future.



One of the Directors of Istanbul Medipol University Ombudsman Anti-Discrimination and Equality, the Assoc. Prof. Faik Tanrıkulu stated that Turkey is approaching its goal of being among the top 5 countries hosting the most international students, and Istanbul Medipol University continues to work to contribute to this goal. Tanrıkulu said: The number of international students in Turkey, which was 16 thousand in 2000, has exceeded 200 thousand in 2020. Many countries want international students to come to their universities. Especially the USA and the UK are the most preferred countries for international students. International students make significant contributions to both the economy and promotion of the country, reputation and diplomatic relations. Many countries that host international students have an Ombudsman for Anti-Discrimination and Equality at their universities. These offices perform the task of consulting by showing solutions to the problems experienced by students. It is even possible to see these institutions in the high schools of some countries. We observed that some of the international students who come to university in our country drop out of their education for different reasons. Therefore, we attach importance to international students’ return to their countries after choosing our country and being satisfied with our country. We think that such studies are important, as many countries do. This office will contribute to the goals of our country by realizing different projects in order to enrich the differences and prevent the international students at our university from experiencing difficulties in academic, social and cultural interactions. In this sense, our office, which is a first among universities in Turkey, will be an important alternative among other mechanisms to encourage and improve its problem-solving position.”



Noting that there are international student mobilities in many parts of the world, Tanrıkulu said that Turkey, particularly Istanbul Medipol University, is a centre of attraction for international students. Noting that international students are an important force in the development of cultural richness and diplomatic relations for Turkey, Tanrıkulu concluded his words as follows: “An approach based on giving value and understanding is a part of the institutional culture of Istanbul Medipol University. Our international students are an equal, indispensable and valuable part of Istanbul Medipol University, just like our domestic students, lecturers and administrative staff. Our university has a clear vision and red lines in this regard. In this respect, first of all, all our international students and faculty members should be able to reflect their cultural diversity to the campus environment, confident that they will be treated with dignity and not be subjected to discriminatory treatment. This is a right for them, and our office is the guarantee of this right.”