Prof. Dr. Gökhan Silahtaroğlu guides for students keen on digital majors. Before choosing a major, students should consider that informatics is a tool as pen and paper today's world, he says.

Increasing the importance of the phenomenon of digitalization in a wide range of fields from education to trade, it has become more prominent after the COVID-19-outbreak. The pandemic outbreak of coronavirus has a long-lasting impact on the way of work, education, and entertainment industries. These have tested thoroughly remotely and shaped according to our lives. Thus, companies and workplaces need employees who have digital literacy, more than ever. According to the researches, departments of Management Information Systems, Computer Engineering and, Software Engineering related to the digitalization are in demand by most employers. At this point, Prof. Gokhan Silahtaroglu gives some tips to the students wanting to choose a digital major.


Informatics is a tool that can be used everywhere in our lives, emphasizes Silahtaroglu. Also, he gives the following recommendations to the students: “Informatics is a tool as pen and paper. In this sense, informatics literacy is important for all segments of society. However, my advice to students who will choose informatics professionally is to orient themselves to the coding where they can understand the logic of computer work. Apart from this, I find it useful for the students to develop their skills to understand the software logic to install and run any software by themselves or with the help files. However, coding is a professional deed that requires engineering skills. I recommend those who want to study engineering or science fields to learn coding.”


Having advised students on the development of digital skills with the widespread use of online education, Silahtaroğlu said: “Distance education brought distance learning and digital homework-project presentation with it. After that, our students will need to learn by themselves via using internet resources. Courses at universities such as Harvard and UCLA can be accessed over the internet. Due to the pandemic, we have new acts in our lives. Attending a lecture remotely is one of them. I recommend our students to watch the online courses of national and international universities. In addition, project presentations are now carried out online or in the form of video presentations. The ability to speak and make presentations in front of the camera also gained importance. Maybe they will need to establish their own mini digital media labs in the future. I recommend them to improve themselves on these subjects.”