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3D4Medical’s Complete Anatomy; offers various solutions about anatomy education to students, Academicians and healthcare professionals.

 1-month access code for Complete Anatomy, which is valid until November 30: QJPAIJ6FXVV4
The steps to be followed for anatomists to access the this anatomy platform, whose detailed information is given below, for 30-days are described below.
Step 1: Install the application on your Computer/Tablet/Smartphone
MAC computer:
Windows computer:
Step 2 : Create an account.
Click the ‘Get started’ button upper right corner.
 Step: Activate Access code (Redeem Code).
On the Settings menu, click the My Accounts button entering your access code (QJPAIJ6FXVV4), then click the Redeem button and start using Complete Anatomy. Click for activation help video.
ACCESS PERIOD: After activating the code, you will have 30-days access. (You must use the code given above until November 30.)
 You can access the videos about Complete Anatomy platform being used in the distance education. (You can access the related videos by choosing Educator & Faculty in category section.)
The features of the World’s largest Anatomy Platform: Complete Anatomy
The most realistic and full human models including more than 17.000 interactive human body build
       A 3D heart model that can be dissected during beating
      The largest video content among Anatomy platforms where you can access with on a single platform.
More than 1.500 clinic videos about Cardiology, Orthopedy Opthalmology, Dentistry and Fitness.
       Real-time muscle movements, Origins and Locations of the Muscles, Bone mapping, Tracking of Nerves and Arteries
       Detailed Microanatomy Models. Models can be zoomed in on to examine and many tools can be used on microanatomy models. (2D & 3D pen, tagging, ache
 and growth simulations.)
       Creative tools – AR mode, virtual dissection, sectioning, 3D pen, visualizing bone fractures and injuries, pain and cell growth simulations.)
       Virtual dissectioning on the AR mode with multiple user feature.
       Tagging, marking and visual adding options on the model.
       The only anatomy platform that offers more than 100 hours of course content on a single platform that prepared by experts in many subjects about such as Human Anatomy, Bedside Ultrasound, Cadaver Images.
Academician tools you can only access on a single platform; Complete Anatomy:
You can access the Complete Anatomy platform where you can create curriculum, enroll in courses, share contents with students and follow the performances of students with the program you can install on your computer, as well as through its award-winning mobile application.
You can access all content with only one platform.  COMPLETE ANATOMY

*The password is only valid for Istanbul Medipol University students and Academic-Administrative staff