Final Exams Announcement


  • This announcement only valid for the online exams (multiple-choice and open-ended) held on MEBIS.
  • It will help if you use a computer instead of a tablet or phone to access the exams. Otherwise, you may face some technical problems.
  • If you do not have a computer, you can use the computers in the computer lab. Please contact your school/college/vocational school secretaries.
  • You can access the exam system at The detailed exam schedule will be announced by your school/college/vocational school. You can only access the exam on the specified date and time.
  • In order not to face any browser-related problems, you should use Google Chrome. Otherwise, you cannot access the exams.
  • You are obliged to answer the question yourself and not get help from anyone or any course materials.
  • It is forbidden to copy and share the questions. Otherwise, you will be claimed criminal liability.
  • Any ethical violation will cause the cancellation of the exam.
  • If you have any requests or questions, please contact MEBIS Support Team at [email protected].



  • After 15 minutes, you cannot access the exam. We suggest you log into the system 10 minutes before the exam.
  • The duration of the exam starts as soon as you start the exam. When the duration is over, your answers are automatically saved in the system, and your exam is terminated. In this case, the questions you have answered until the end of the exam are evaluated.
  • You cannot access the previous questions once you have answered or skipped them. You can move onto the next question by selecting “LEAVE BLANK” or “Answer and Next Question”. Otherwise, you cannot move onto the next question.
  • The sequence of the questions and the answers will be unique to each student.
  • The system can spot technical problems such as electricity or internet outage. You can log into the system again before the exam terminates in these cases. But when the exam duration is over, you will not be able to continue the exam.
  • You should select the “full-screen” mode to access the exam.
  • If you try to exit the full-screen, you will see a warning stating “You exit the full-screen mode. If you exit again, your exam will be terminated. You cannot retake the same exam.” For this reason, stay in full-screen mode during the exam.
  • When you answer all the questions and click “TERMINATE THE EXAM”, your exam will be completed.
  • You are responsible for the confidentiality of the exam. You cannot copy, share, or publish questions and answers.
  • If someone other than you takes the exam; if you get help from others while taking the exam; if you copy, take a photo/screenshot, share or publish the questions online; and violate the exam rules stated earlier, your exam will be cancelled.
  • The lecturer may want you to take the exam with your microphone and camera on. They need to inform you in advance.
  • You can request a face-to-face exam.  Before starting the exam, you can submit your request for the related exam on MEBIS. If you prefer this, your exam will be terminated.