Erasmus 2020 Exam Results

Erasmus 2020 results and the ranking list will be available on August 10. You can object to the results within 5 working days. Please reach the Language School for your inquires.

Click here for the list.

The evaluation criteria and weighted scores used in the evaluation of the applications are as follows:

Out of a total of 100 points (final score):

Academic success level (CGPA) :50%

Language level                             :50%

Based on the final score:

For the children of martyrs and veterans: +15 points

For disabled students (provided with the disability report: + 10 points

For the students who have been provided protection, care or shelter within the scope of the Social Services Law No. 2828: +10 points

For the students who will participate in the mobility program in the country of citizenship: – 10 points

For the students who participated in the mobility program (with or without grant): -10 point

Exam Results of the candidates who uploaded their YDS or YOKDIL results via MEBIS in the application process (February 17 – March 27) are evaluated and, equivalence to English exam is given by adding 10 points to their results.


Students will be able to enter their preferences through online after August 10, 2020. Students are able to choose within the available quotas.

Click for the online preference form. (It will be activated after August 10, 2020.)

Click for Partner Universities and Quotas (

Students who get at least 60 from the exam will be able to ask to make choices.

You must fill in the online preference form due to August 24, 2020. Those who do not notify until this date will be deemed to have waived their right. You can also contact your unit coordinators about university preferences. Click for the contact information of unit coordinators. (


International Office Erasmus Unit

Contact: [email protected]