Equivalence Letter

This is a letter certifying that your high school diploma is equivalent to a Turkish high school diploma. Please obtain this document before coming to the registration. It can be obtained from the Turkish Embassy in your country (if there is an Office of the Educational Attaché in the Embassy). If you do not get this letter from the Office of the Educational Attaché in the Turkish Embassy, you can also get it here in Turkey from the National Education Directorates in Turkey. If the process in the Embassy will take too long, it is better to apply to this document here in Istanbul or Ankara. If you are going to apply in Turkey, we recommend you to apply to it in istanbul

(İstanbul Address:Adliye Binası, Binbirdirek Mahallesi M.İmran Öktem C.No 1 Eski, 34122 Fatih  Ankara Address: Ankara İl Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü, MEB Beşevler Kampüsü I Blok Yenimahalle) instead of any other Turkish city, because of the practicality of further procedures.

The required documents for the equivalence letter applications are as follows:

– Application form (available via here)

– A clear file bag

– The original and the copies of the residence permit in Turkey or your student visa

– The original and the copy of the passport’s identification page and last entrance stamp page.

– The original and the copy of the diploma and the transcripts. There should be Apostille on your diploma. Otherwise, your diploma should have a stamp of either ministry of education, ministry of foreign affairs or embassy.

– Notarized translations of the documents other than your passport, if these documents are not in Turkish, English or Arabic. If you come to Turkey with a visa other than student visa or if you come without any visa thanks to the visa-free agreement between Turkey and your country, you will be only able to get a transitory letter upon your initial application. You can only get the final letter once you get your residence permit and submit a copy of the permit to the National Education Directorate. Therefore, it is recommended that you come to Turkey with a student visa instead of a tourist visa. Through this way, you will more easily get the equivalence letter. In case you fail to collect your letter until your university registration date, you can still complete your registration if you bring an official document proving that you have submitted your application for the equivalence letter to the Directorate. In this case, you will fill and sign a missing document form and you will be given an extra 30 days to bring the Equivalence Letter.