Dr Kose: Immunity Passport not to be set up soon

Assistant Professor Ilker Kose, executive of the Istanbul Medipol University Technology Transfer Office, made statements on the ‘digital immunity passport’.

Since the development of vaccines against coronavirus is still going and vaccination of the people would take a long time, immunity is considered as a solution. Some countries aim to quickly return to economic and social life by creating a ‘digital immunity passport’ or a ‘risk-free certificate’ for the people who have developed immunity for COVID-19. It is desired to record the data, which shows whether a person is tested positive or recovered from the virus with the ‘digital immunity passport’, which has been tried by countries such as Estonia and Chile. Executive of the Istanbul Medipol University Technology Transfer Office Assistant Professor Ilker Kose made statements on the ‘digital immunity passport’. Kose said, “The risk perception should be defined very carefully, and we should not hesitate to use the necessary technologies. Certainly, while doing these, we should develop solutions that will minimize the violation of individual rights.”

Pointing out that the immunity passport would bring some concerns, Kose cautioned that solutions, in which personal rights must not be violated, should be produced. Underlining that immunity passports need many regulations in terms of enforcement, Kose said: “Some countries would amend the constitution, while the others would regulate the laws regarding the protection of personal data. Also, not all countries would meet on common ground. Therefore, this procedure requires some international negotiations when it becomes valid. A likely scenario is that North American and European countries impose their regulations and force other countries to impose a similar one. However, in these countries, decisions will be made by popular vote, especially in Europe, because these procedures would restrict the freedom of the individual. It will be clearer whether or not immunity passports will become widespread after several countries set up.”

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