Distance Education Exam Program Schedule

Distance Education Exam Program Schedule

T.C. Istanbul Medipol University

Distance Education Application and Research Center

  1. According to the 2019-2020 Academic Year Distance Education Program Exam Schedule Directive; due to PANDEMIC, the exams of all the distance education courses will be held between 11.04.2020 – 19.04.2020. You can access the detailed exam calendars through your departments. 
  1. The exams of the courses, which were distance education even before the pandemic such as Ataturk’s Principles and History of Revolution, Information Technologies and Tools II-I (EN, TR) and Turkish Language, will remain accessible for 9 (nine days) between 11.04.2020 – 19.04.2020.
  1. The duration of the exams of the courses, which were turned into distance courses after the pandemic, and their accessibility will be added to the MEBIS system by the lecturer.
  1. You can Access the tutorial video explaining how to access the exams down below.


In cases such as screen freezing or computer shutdown during the exam, you can complete your exam by logging back into MEBIS system.

If you cannot solve the problem you are experiencing during the exam and/or cannot reach the exam, you must fill the excuse form in the link below. This will be considered as your technical excuse application. After the technical check, they will inform you if you can take the make-up exam or not.


 After clicking “end/finish the exam” there will be no way for you to check or change your answers.

  1. For more information and help, you can reach us via the e-mail:  [email protected]