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You can order a new card if your details changed or your card is lost, stolen, damaged. You need to follow the steps below to order a new card.

  • Pay the 25₺ fee to Türkiye Halk Bankası (account number: 0896 – 16000016) stating that the payment is for “ID Card Renewal” in the description.
  • Send the receipt of the payment to [email protected] with your name, surname and T.R. ID or foreigner ID number.
  • Request a STUDENT CARD on the document request section on MEBIS.
  • State the place you wish to collect the card. (Kavacık North Campus, Kavacık South Campus, Unkapanı Haliç Campus, Esenler Campus)
  • Once the request status is ready on MEBIS, you can collect the card from the Department of Information Technologies. Please remember that you need to sign a document while collecting the card.

For more information: +90 216 681 53 28

Collection Points

Kavacık South Campus
Department of Information Technologies
Block D2, Floor -1

Kavacık North Campus
Information Technologies Unit
Block C, Floor 1, Room 145

Unkapanı Haliç Campus
Information Technologies Unit
Floor 4

Esenler Campus
Information Technologies Unit
Floor 2

You can collect the cards on weekdays from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM.