Birol Güven and Abdülhamit Güler were our guests at Medipol.

Birol Güven and Abdülhamit Güler were our guests at Medipol

Producer Birol Güven and Director Abdülhamit Güler were our guests at the panel organised by the Istanbul Medipol University School of Communication.


A panel titled “Digital is Everywhere, Where is Cinema?” (Dijital Her Yerde, Sinema Nerede?) was held by Istanbul Medipol University School of Communication. Moderated by Prof. Dr.Ali Büyükaslan, the Dean of the School of Communication, producer Birol Güven and director Abdülhamit Güler were our guests. In the panel organised within the scope of “Kısa’dan Hisse Kısa Film Festival”, the effects of digitalisation on the cinema world and the place of traditional cinema in digital were discussed. Director Abdülhamit Güler, who signed various short films, documentaries, and scripts and gave training in the field of cinema, said that digitalisation accelerates cinema as well as every sector. Stating that digital platforms are easy for the audience, Güler said: “There is quick and easy access for everyone in digital platforms compared to traditional cinema. Of course, movies and series reach more people in the digital environment in a shorter time. We don’t go and watch the most absurdly produced movie in theatres, but millions of people watch those productions digitally. For this reason, I think these channels will change the habit of watching. ”



The screenwriter and producer Birol Güven, known for his productions such as Çocuklar Duymasın, Seksenler and Mandıra Filozofu, stated that the traditional understanding of cinema has not changed but transformed to adapt to digital. Stating that digitalisation will not eliminate the habit of watching cinema, Güven said: “Digitalisation can eliminate the habit of going to the cinema. The screen is the most important element that distinguishes the art of cinema from other fields. All the magic of cinema comes from the size of the screen. The size of the screen, the light, the sound and the opportunity to watch with people are the four elements that enable us to go to the movie theatre. Until I met Metaverse, I thought this habit of going to the movie theatre would not end because of these four elements. Thanks to digitalisation and technology, it is possible to provide all four. The main thing in cinema is the content. The cinema sector will continue to exist as long as it produces content. The industrial society is now over; we are living in the age of a digital society. In this day and age, everyone should be sharp and improve themselves; otherwise, we cannot do anything. Therefore, we should be the ones to do things, not know it.”