Aydin: Turkey conducts distance education process successfully

Serpil Aydin, Deputy Director of Istanbul Medipol University Distance Education Practice and Research Centre and Instructor, said that Turkey successfully conducted the distant education process.

Evaluating the distance education process, which is held during the pandemic, Serpil Aydin stated that Turkey handled this unexpected situation successfully. She also noted that the technical process of distance education is strong in Turkey, but the form of it needs to be improved.

She has spoken about the details of distance education to the newspaper Diriliş Postası. Here are the highlights of the interview.

Can we address the virtual classrooms as the classrooms of the future? What are your thoughts on the future of virtual classrooms in distance education?

Face-to-face education is essential in the formal education of the Council of Higher Education and Ministry of Education. However, in extraordinary situations such as the global pandemic we currently experience, further education and training methods can also be used provided that the education and learning outcomes are given to the students. Nevertheless, this does not mean that virtual classrooms will be the classrooms of the future. Entirely teaching in the distance is provided within specific criteria and limitations.

How can we turn distance education into an opportunity?

We, instructors, discuss how we can pedagogically bring distance education with our classes, and how we can provide interactive learning by observing the different systems and applications we encounter. In this process, the best way to turn this into an opportunity is to design a teaching method that can connect with the student, even though they are distance, consciously.

What are your suggestions for instructors to overcome the problems they face in the virtual classroom?

I recommend that instructors take advantages they can get training on using the technology. Also, they can make their classes more permanent by using applications where they can make the lesson kind of a game; they can use digital concept maps, digital board activities and digital brainstorming to make education and training more attractive. I can recommend them to create an interactive environment where the student is also active.