To the Attention of School of Communication Students! All courses of the first grade class students will be held ONLINE during the 2020-2021 academic year. Second, third and fourth grade students’ courses will be taken mostly ONLINE. On the other hand, considering the COVID-19 outbreak, some of the APPLIED COURSES will be held face-to-face with limited-participation during the FALL TERM. The applied courses will be held in groups of 10, 15 or 20 students according to instructor’s plan, following the social distancing rules with wearing face masks. Compulsory attendance is not required for applied courses. HYBRID classes, which are the combination of online and face to face in class learning, will be recorded and uploaded to MEBIS and TEAMS. Both theoretical and APPLIED COURSES, which will be held in the classes, laboratories and studios, will be broadcasted online simultaneously. Students will be able to participate in classes online as well. Also, students will be able to rewatch the class recordings on social media platforms. APPLIED WORKSHOPS will be designed according to the course of the pandemic. We are planning to organize workshops for the APPLIED COURSES with limited-participation (this may vary depending on the course of the pandemic) to help our students as well. We will support our students with accesible contents such as videos, presentations and open access resources. We wish this difficult times, which deeply affects us all, to end very soon.Please keep in mind that we want our students to feel free to reach us for any inconvenience that they may have.We hope to finish this pandemic as soon as possible, and to remeet with you in our classrooms and at our media center to have lessons.