1) Annual Tuitions

The tuition fee is determined by the university’s board of trustees by adhering to the decisions of the council of ministers of the relevant year for each academic year and announced on the university website. Only the information on our website is valid. Please do not rely on the information from third parties.

Scholarships and discounts will be valid in the language preparation school for the students who are unable to meet the language proficiency requirement and are obliged to study the language program.

2) Scholarships and Discounts

All the scholarship and discount rates are listed below;

During the Registration Process;

Students can benefit only one type of scholarship below;

We have a 10% early bird scholarship for the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Law, and School of Pharmacy. Also 20% for all other undergraduate programs.

In addition to the information above, we also have a success scholarship for the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Law, School of Pharmacy. Scholarship rates are listed below.

• Students who have 1251 and above SAT: 15%

• Students who have 30 and above ACT: 15%

• Students who have 40 and above IB average: 15%

• Students who have 2.3 and above ABITUR average: 15%

Scholarships rates are listed below for all other undergraduate programs.

• Students who have 1200 and above SAT: 25%

• Students who have 29 and above ACT: 25%

• Students who have 39 and above IB average: %5%

• Students who have 2.5 and above ABITUR average: 25%

* According to the result of the Medipol University Scholarship Exam, which is announced on our website, up to 15% discount for the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Law, School of Pharmacy and up to 25% discount for all other undergraduate programs may be implemented.

During the Payment Process;

● The prepayment discount is 10%. After other discounts are implemented to the tuition, prepayment discount is implemented to the result. The final result after all the discounts is the annual tuition of the relevant year.

● Scholarship and discounts are implemented after the student brings all the papers, which proves that the student has the right to scholarship/discount.

● Students who want to benefit the prepayment discount should complete their payment during the down payment period or until the exemption exam.

● Students will not benefit prepayment after the announced date.

● The down payment amount is 25% of the tuition without any discount/scholarship.

● Students who make the down payment on time will receive their acceptance letter and have a place reserved in the departments they applied.

● After the deposit payment, students can make the payment in two installments until November 5 and February 5. The student’s access will be restricted in case of delays in the payment.

● Students must make the payment to the bank account stated in their offer letters.

● If the students who are already at the mid-classes or register at the new semester make the prepayment until the specified date, they can benefit from the 10% prepayment discount.

● Students who do not make the payment determined by the university will not be able to select courses.

*There is an additional 10% discount for each sibling who will study at our university.