Dear Students;


A great deal of work is taking place to ensure a safe return to campus for you. We are working on a hybrid education model in which in-person education is supported by online education. We are also developing a strong infrastructure where our academics will deliver teaching in class as before, and online student participation will be higher. You will continue education in non-crowded classes arranged in accordance with social distancing rules with this new hybrid model in which a part of the students attends the classes online. Considering the “reducing the mobility and number of the students in the campuses” rule emphasized by the Council of Higher Education for this period, we strive to offer you the safest environment and continue to work in this direction. There will be no change in the academic calendar, and the classes will start on October 5, 2020, as planned.


We are sure that you will all abide by the rules in this process. We wish a successful study for all of you in this new academic year.


University Directorship

The following items, decided by the university's senate on the meeting numbered 2020/15
and dated 24/08/2020, will be applied in the academic year of 2020-2021, considering the
COVID-19 pandemic.
• Theoretical courses will be given in the form of hybrid education, considering the content
and course materials.
• All classrooms will be supported by technical equipment so that formal education can also
be given online. Following the social distancing rule and not exceeding 1/3 of classroom
capacity, students will be able to attend the courses by wearing face masks. They will also be
able to attend the courses online if they wish.
• All distance courses will be given online except the Turkish Language, the History of the
Turkish Revolution and Compulsory English. University will be attentive to ensure that
distance courses cover at least 40% of the programs, and the relevant instructor will declare
the justification of the distance course, considering the program competence and the learning
outcomes of the course.
• Applied courses will be given face-to-face, in diluted groups as much as possible, paying
attention to the compulsory periods.
• With the practical courses, especially the theoretical parts, which will be given online, of the
internship courses of School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Health Sciences,
Vocational School of Health Sciences and Vocational Schools the duration of the time spent
by the students will be kept minimum in hospitals and similar internship places.
• Instructors who want to take attendance in the courses will accept students who attend the
courses online as they are in the classroom.
• Departments who share the same courses will deliver education on these courses as together
as possible.
• "Distance Education Training" prepared by the Distance Education Center will be available
online. It is compulsory for all instructors who will teach at our university in the 2020-2021
academic year to attend this training. All academic units will meet this requirement during
orientation training.
• Each academic department will announce the content and functioning of their courses.
• Midterm exams, general exams and make-up exams will be held within the framework of
the principles determined by the Examination Commission of the university, ensuring the
maximum level of exam and assessment security. Measures such as time limitation,
increasing the number and variety of questions, and locking the full screen will be
implemented in online exams.
• General exams will be held with invigilation as far as possible.
• Students will be guided through dormitory registrations, considering the programs and
courses of each academic unit.