Become a Student

Become a Student


International applicants can apply to our university for any program of their interest, provided that they have their high school completion certificate or the relevant equivalent document with them. In addition, they are also required to provide the documents needed to the related registration office of their field. You have to submit the documents within the deadline, announced through a regular post or in person. To get further information or read more about the admission preconditions or requirements, click on the related icon below:

For the application form, please click on the link: Application Form


The documents required to apply:

  • An application form, completed
  • Diploma/Certificate for High School Completion
  • An original copy of the examination result (SAT DI: 7226) (if any)
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport photo-page
  • A passport photo (to recognize the candidate)

         Those to apply are the ones who

  1. are either in the final grade of senior high school or graduates of senior high school;
  2. have a foreign nationality
  3. were born as Turkish citizens but were later denationalized via Turkey’s Ministry of Home having the document to evidence the exercise of the recognized rights according to the Turkish Nationality Law in reference to article7 numbered 5901. According to the mentioned article, an infant born out of Turkish matrimony inside or outside Turkey must review the named law if willing to benefit from the foreign national’s quota
  4. have obtained their senior high school completion diploma from either a Turkish school or non-Turkish school abroad.
  5. a. are with TRNC citizenship in TRNC and have obtained their GCE-AL degrees having completed their senior high school; b. enrolled in high school within 2005 and 2010, and are presently holding or will receive GCE-AL degree       

Note.GCE-AL stands for ‘The General Certificate of Education – Advanced Level; TRNC is for Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

An eligible applicant is the one:

  1. who has Turkish citizenship with a senior high school completion diploma from either Turkey or TRNC.
  1.  with TRNC citizenship; who has completed his/her senior high school in TRNC and obtained GCE AL degree; who has enrolled at a high school in other countries during 2005 and 2010; who presently holds or will acquire his/her GCE AL degrees.
  1. who has dual citizenship with his/her first citizenship as Turkish from birth according to article 2.1./a-2 of this guide, including the one who has obtained his/her senior high school diploma from TRNC only,  and the one who has received his/her senior high school diploma from a Turkish school in a foreign country other than TRNC).
  1. who has dual citizenship with TRNC citizenship. S/he has not received his/her senior high school diploma from a TRNC high school holding a GCE-AL degree.  Besides, s/he has registered at a high school in other countries between 2005 and 2010, currently having or will obtain GCE AL degree.

Note.  An applicant who has studied or is currently studying at schools subject to the embassies in Turkey or at foreign high schools in Turkey together with a dual citizen whose first citizenship is Turkish as designated in the article 2.1 /a.2 of this guide is not accepted.

To apply to the undergrad programs, the recognized exams with the minimum eligible scores are as follows:

Obtaining a minimum score of 60 out of 100 is required. EEFIS is administered by some universities, authorized by Turkish Higher Education.

  • The High school grade point average (GPA) should be at least 60 out of 100
  • A total minimum score of SAT has to be 1000
  • GCE (General Certificate for Education) Minimum 3, equivalent to  “Level A” on the subjects, at least one of which has to be related to the program you’ve applied to.


  • In the ACT (American College Test) exam:
  • Getting a minimum 22 for the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy
  • Getting a minimum 20 for other fields


  • In the Tawjihi exam (in Jordan and Palestine):
  • Obtaining a minimum 70 (average) from each course in science stream of Tevcih (Tawjihi)
  • Obtaining a minimum score of 15 out of 20 on the Lebanese Baccalaureate in Science Stream.
  • Obtaining a minimum senior high school average of 30 for those with the International  Baccalaureate.
  • Obtaining a minimum Abitur diploma grade of 4 for the one having the minimum diploma grade of 30.
  • A French Baccalaureate holder with a minimum grade of 12 out of 20.
  • Obtaining 180 out of 240 in Scientific Stream and 170 out of 240 in Social Stream in Al-Shahada-Al Thanawiyya (Baccalaureate) examination, the university entry examination.
  • Acquiring a minimum average grade of 15 out of 20 from Dabirestan (senior high school) and Pişdaneşgahi (pre-university).
  • Gaining a minimum score of 90 out of 120 from the Kazakhstan National University Test Exam.
  • Gaining a minimum score of 180 out of 240 from Libya Al-Shahada-Al-Thanawiyya examination, uni-entry exam.
  • Getting a minimum score of 60 on the Ujian Nasional (UNA) or (UN) exam in Indonesia.




1) Annual Tuitions

– We aim to be the only university among the other universities in Turkey, which provides the most scholarship opportunities to international students and to create a diverse environment by the opportunities given during the registration period.

– The tuition fee is determined by the university’s board of trustees by adhering to the decisions of the council of ministers of the relevant year for each academic year and announced on the university website. Only the information on our website is valid. Please do not rely on the information from third parties.

-2020-2021 academic year tuition fees and scholarship amounts were determined by the decision of the Council of Higher Education and the board of trustees of our university.


– Every student whose application is approved is supported by our team through the scholarship process.

– Students applying directly or via an intermediary institution to university, cannot be charged for their application.

-Scholarships and discounts will be valid in the language preparation school for the students who are unable to meet the language proficiency requirement and are obliged to study the language program.

2) Scholarships and Discounts

-All the scholarship and discount rates are listed below;

During the Registration Process;

-Students can benefit only one type of scholarship below;

-We have a 10% early bird scholarship for the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Law, and School of Pharmacy. Also 20% for all other undergraduate programs.

-In addition to the information above, we also have a success scholarship for the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Law, School of Pharmacy. Scholarship rates are listed below.

. Students who have 1251 and above SAT: 15%

. Students who have 30 and above ACT: 15%

. Students who have between 40 and IB average: 15%

. Students who have between 2.3 and above ABITUR average: 15%


– Scholarships rates are listed below for all other undergraduate programs.

. Students who have 1200 and above SAT: 25%

. Students who have 29 and above ACT: 25%

. Students who have 39 and above IB average: %5%

. Students who have 2.5 and above ABITUR average: 25%

* According to the result of the Medipol University Scholarship Exam, which is announced on our website, up to 15% discount for the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, School of Law, School of Pharmacy and up to 25% discount for all other undergraduate programs may be implemented.


During the Payment Process; 

  1. The prepayment discount is 10%. After other discounts are implemented to the tuition, prepayment discount is implemented to the result. The final result after all the discounts is the annual tuition of the relevant year.
  2. Scholarship and discounts are implemented after the student brings all the papers, which proves that the student has the right to scholarship/discount.
  3. Students who want to benefit the prepayment discount should complete their payment during the down payment period or until the exemption exam.
  4. Students will not benefit prepayment after the announced date.
  5. The down payment amount is 25% of the tuition without any discount/scholarship.
  6. Students who make the down payment on time will receive their acceptance letter and have a place reserved in the departments they applied.
  7. After the deposit payment, students can make the payment in two installments until November 5 and February 5. The student’s access will be restricted in case of delays in the payment.
  8. Students must make the payment to the bank account stated in their offer letters.
  9. If the students who already at the mid-classes or register at the new semester make the prepayment until the specified date, they can benefit the 10% prepayment discount.
  10. Students who do not make the payment determined by the university will not be able to select courses.

*There is an additional 10% discount for each sibling who will study at our university.

  1. Applications are evaluated based on the commission of at least three people, convened upon the discretion of the relevant academic department management.
  2. The evaluation of the applications and the uni entry exam ranking of the candidates depends on the decision of Istanbul Medipol University, whether or not to fill IMU vacant quotas.
  3. Admission to the program, applied to, is not guaranteed by only satisfying the criteria mentioned in the application form.


Announcement of Results and Registration:

As already written on the application, the admission process result is dispatched to the candidates’ e-mail addresses.

After the evaluation has been finalized, the prospective students, gained admission to Istanbul Medipol University, will receive a “Letter of Acceptance” via e-mail.

The students are required to acquire “Student Visa” from the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate holding the letter of acceptance.

  1. A notary certified translation of high school completion certificate acquired from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their countries.
  1. A notary certified translation of the official transcript obtained from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their countries.
  1. An original copy of the exam result report approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their countries. E.g. SAT Dİ:7226
  1. An equivalency Certificate acquired from the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their countries indicating that high school completion diploma is equivalent to the diplomas issued in Turkish high schools.
  1. A copy of the passport page displaying the identity information and the validity expiry date, approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their countries.
  1. Student Visa to be obtained from the Turkish Embassy in their countries.
  2. The candidates applying to the faculty of medicine and dentistry have to prove their English proficiency if available.   E.g. TOEFL Dİ: 3619
  3. A document – proving your success in IMU Turkish proficiency exam or a Turkish Proficiency Exam Score from TÖMER – to submit.
  1. A permanent residence card to submit to IMU students’ affairs within a month of the registration.
  1. Four passport photos
  2. A bank receipt evidencing the tuition fee payment (entire or partial).
  3. A document evidencing that the applicant has been guaranteed financially. **
  4. A student information form (to be filled while registering)


**Guaranteed financially: The applicants admitted to our University have to prove that they have a financial guarantee for the tuition fee to be paid to the University and for maintaining their lives in Turkey during their studies.