As a foundation university, Istanbul Medipol University (IMU) is providing educational services to approximately 1230 foreign students from 75 different countries.

Aimed at producing science and technology, the named services are implemented by resorting to topnotch educational procedures. Owing to our academics with international merits in their fields and cutting edge educational gears, IMU departments have possessed the potentials to maintain a brighter future.


Istanbul Medipol University (IMU), offering unique educational services,  has made a prime commitment to

  1. train with praiseworthy excellence;
  2. focus on producing science and technology.

Additionally, the prospective trained individuals in IMU are able to respond to continually changing demands of society and contribute to the scientific insights and social welfare.


Enriched with three built-in features of a strong organizational culture, entrepreneurship spirit and durable dynamism, IMU – being a leading university – will enlighten and guide science and society.

To be leading a progressive educational center, objectified as IMU, is a precious privilege and opportunity afforded me.

Of significance is to highlight the fact that IMU, a benchmarked academic brand,  has bent over backward to maintain a highly warm and amicable ambiance for all, ranging from its gracious students to the dignified faculty members. Enthusing them – its students and faculty members – to pursue their academic goals tightening their camaraderies perseverantly,  IMU is anticipated to prepare its students for the futurities by persuading them to make the best out of the highly qualified education, offered in the university.

Without a doubt, your intake of the knowledge for founding your career is the best investment ever you can make.

With high esteem,

Dr. Fahrettin Koca, M.D.

IMU Founder

Regenerative and Restorative Medicine Research Center.