2021 Erasmus Project Final Score Results

2021 Erasmus Project Final Score Results

The final score and ranking list results of the Erasmus 2021 Project have been published. Please, click here for the list.


The grant results will be announced after the placements. As the list will be final, you must choose.


You can object to the results within 5 weekdays as from the announcement. You must submit your requests about the subject to Language School Coordinate via e-mail at [email protected]


It has been explained with the masking method within the scope of the protection of personal data.


Students who have 60 pointss and over will be able to choose.


If there are students whose grades change as a result of the official objection period, the list will be updated via this announcement.


The preferences will be made between 2-10 June 2021 and will be online. Students can choose within the available quotas.


Please, click for online preferences form.


Please, click for Contracted Universities and Quota Informations.


The results of the placement will be announced on June 15, 2021, after the preferences.

The orientation meeting for the students who have earned the right to go will be held on the Teams system, and they will be given information about the date.


In the final score results, the following evaluation criteria were applied.


Out of total 100 (final score) points:


Academic Success Level (GANO): 50%


Language Level: 50%


Out of the Final Score


To the children of martyr and war veterans: +15 points


To disabled students (provided the disability is documented): + 10 points


To the students for whom protection, care or accommodation decision has been taken within the scope of Social Services Law No. 2828. : + 10 points


Participating in mobility in the country of citizenship: – 10 points


Having benefitted from the mobility before (with or without grant): -10 points


During the application process between April 14 and May 18, 2021, the grades of the candidates who uploaded their YDS or YÖKDİL results to the application panel in the Mebis were examined, and +10 points were added to the YDS or YÖKDİL exam results and equivalence was given to the English exam.


The final scores of the students who have uploaded the acceptance letters for internships will be announced on the list after the placement.


You can contact your unit coordinators about the university preferences subject.

Please, click for the contact information of Unit Coordinators.


Erasmus Coordinator

Contact: [email protected]