2021-2022 Academic Year, Proficiency Exam will be held on 28.09.2021 at 10.00 am at İstanbul Medipol University Kavacık North Campus and South Campus.

There will be NO make-up exam.


However, an online proficiency will be held for those who cannot enter Turkey or leave their home country due to measures related to COVID-19 or other reasons, on the same date and time. If you have such a condition, please inform  [email protected] beforehand.

The Proficiency Exam is for the programs that require English proficiency. Students who do not wish to be exempted from English Preparatory Program are not required to take the Proficiency Exam.

No registration is required for this exam.

What our students need to pay attention to:

  • Be ready on campus at least an hour before the exam begins.
  • Have a valid ID, driving license or passport. (Any other document is not accepted.)
  • Bring a pencil with a soft tip and eraser.
  • Make sure you know your STUNDET NUMBER and your MEDIPOL STUDENT E-MAIL ADDRESS
  • Check their classrooms.

Students to take the exam are NOT allowed to have mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart watches, headphones and any other such electronic devices with them during the exam.

The parents will not be allowed in.

The COVID-19 measures have been taken in the exam rooms and corridors. Likewise, the students and parents are advised to follow the COVID measures. It is required to wear a mask on the campus for both students and parents.

We will be informing our students about the classrooms where they will be taking their exam at least one day in advance. However, due to the law of protecting personal data, we are unable to announce the names; they will be ciphered. Therefore, in order to find themselves on the lists which will be posted, our students are required to know their student numbers.

For On-Campus exam, the students who get the score of 75 and over are exempted from the Preparatory Program. Those getting a score between 60 and 74 will take the Online Speaking Exam on September 30th, 2021. The Speaking Exam will be graded over 100. Students who get 75 and over are exempted from the Preparatory Program. Those getting 59 and lower in the Proficiency Exam and 74 and lower in the Online Speaking Exam will study in the Preparatory Program.

For the online exam that will take place because of Covid-19; each student who gets 60 and over HAS TO TAKE ONLINE SPEAKING EXAM. Those who get 75 and over from the speaking part are exempted.

Students are required to know their medipol student e-mail addresses to be able to join the online exam sessions.

The results will be posted on mebis.medipol.edu.tr. Our students are advised to learn their MEBIS account passwords to be able to learn the results.