2020-2021 Fall Semester Course Selection

Undergraduate students can take courses between September 28 and October 10 on MEBIS.

  • If students did not pay the tuition, the course selection page would not open, so it is necessary to reach to the Student Accounting Unit.
  • According to the results of the English Preparatory Exemption Exam, students who will start the first year must pay their full tuition for course selection procedures. If the students would not complete their payment, the course selection page will not open.

For more information: [email protected]

For information on course selection procedures, CLICK HERE.

For information about course exemption/transfer procedures, CLICK HERE.

For things to be paid attention to course selection processes, CLICK HERE.

Fall Semester Course Taking – Withdrawal Procedures will be held between11 – October 16 2020.

For detailed information;

  • Follow the announcements to be published by the Schools and Vocational Schools,
  • Contact the relevant Dean’s Office/Directorate and consultant adviser instructor via e-mail.

Student can log into MEBIS by entering their username and password. In case of any problems, while logging into MEBIS, they should contact[email protected].

Sample course selection procedures are explained visually in the MEBIS user manual.

The current department/program names and the new department/program names, which were decided to be changed at the Higher Education Executive Board meeting dated 25.12.2019 and 11.03.2020, are given in the table below.

Due to the regulation/name changes made, the course selection of the students who are enrolled in the said programs should select the courses on the OTHER DEPARTMENT COURSES” tab.